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Unmatched gets in a week out from its launch and reveals a premium protein powder

Unmatched Isolate Protein Powder

Right when we thought Unmatched Supplements was finished announcing products that would be a part of its launch, it has come out and surprised one more time, as we get closer and closer to its long-awaited debut, on Thursday of next week. Over the last month or so we’ve broken down the pre-workouts BH2K and Dissident, the hybrid hydration Electro Shred, and anti-aging amino cocktail Longevity EAA, and now we have something for after your workout in Unmatched Isolate.

Isolate is going to be Unmatched Supplements’ signature protein powder, and it’ll be more on the premium side, relying entirely on clean and fast-absorbing grass-fed whey isolate, as opposed to a blend of sources or exclusively the more cost-effective whey concentrate. We haven’t seen the precise nutrition profile for the product but we suspect it’ll be in the same areas as Core Nutrition’s ISO at about 25g of protein, a gram of carbohydrates, and somewhere around a gram of fat.

Once again, Kris Gethin and Doug Miller’s Unmatched Supplements is going live at in exactly one week from today, and if you want the earliest access and potentially some sort of deal or discount for launch be sure to sign up to the brand’s VIP newsletter.