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CreGAAtine is available standalone straight from the brand itself on Amazon

Where To Buy Bulk Cregaatine

There has been a lot of interest around CreGAAtine since it found its way into some of the latest products at Naughty Boy in the UK and Kris Gethin’s upcoming brand Unmatched Supplements, put together with industry veteran Doug Miller. CreGAAtine is an innovative combination of creatine monohydrate and guanidinoacetic acid, or more simply referred to as GAA, and it has some upsides compared to regular standalone creatine monohydrate, mostly revolving around its heightened ability to increase creatine levels.

With the added attention and increase in popularity around CreGAAtine, we’re going to be giving it a run to see how it compares to some of our go-to creatine supplements, and for those that weren’t aware, there is a standalone version available direct from the team behind CreGAAtine. You can purchase a box of 60 single serving sachets of the product directly from or grab it on Amazon where you can pay $29 for the citrusy Orange flavor or slightly lower at $26 for a more convenient unflavored option.

Keep in mind, CreGAAtine isn’t anything supremely new, it’s been around for a few years, in fact, it won the Best Research Award at the FIWE fitness tradeshow in Poland, all the way back in 2021. The surge in interest seems to be coming from the increase in reputable brands and names making use of it, notably Naughty Boy and Kris Gethin with Unmatched Supplements, and we expect there will be several more to follow.

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