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Wheyhey continues to expand its selection and dives into high-protein ready-to-eat meals

Wheyhey Ready To Eat Meals

The creative UK-based functional company Wheyhey wasn’t always as diverse and extensive as it is these days, but it has come a tremendously long way over the last year or so, getting into all sorts of other shapes and sizes, many of them perfectly suited for supermarket shelves. Some of its more recent innovations include high-protein milk and protein-packed pizza available at Tesco, but joining all of that in stores over the last couple of months in something much more versatile.

Wheyhey now has an entire collection of ready-to-eat meals, in which the extra-protein pizza is included; however, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The family collectively has over ten different products, all of them focused on providing a nutritious meal that’s high in protein but still offers reasonable amounts of the other key macros. Each of the products is inspired by a familiar or mainstream food or recipe, making them great alternatives for those that already enjoy the meals it’s mimicking.

Wheyhey Ready To Eat Meals 1

Some examples from Wheyhey’s undoubtedly delicious and wholefood-based ready-to-eat meals include Meat Feast Pasta, providing a robust 50g of protein per meal, an equal 50g of carbohydrates with only 5g of that sugar, just under 10g of fat, and 507 calories. If you’re looking for something lighter and leaner, there is Chicken Tikka With Rice, offering a still respectably high 45g of protein, 33% less carbs at 30g with 2g of that sugar and 6g of fat, all leading to a sub-400 calorie count of 386.

There are plenty of other dishes available in Wheyhey’s ready-to-eat meals range, like Salt and Pepper Chicken With Rice, Pasta Bolognese, BBQ Chicken Pasta, Singapore Noodles, Peri Peri Chicken and Rice, and Teriyaki Chicken Noodles. You can find the entire selection of delicious, nutritious, and, again, protei-loaded meals from Wheyhey in the frozen section at the major supermarket Morrisons and its around 500 locations spread across the United Kingdom for easy accessibility.

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