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RYSE promises to actually make a Noel Sweat pre-workout if it gets 50,000 likes

Ryse Noel Sweat Pre Workout

Back when RYSE announced its jam-packed, premium-level CEO Pre-Workout, built around the sports nutrition brand’s CEO Nic Stella, there was mention of more like it later down the road, a part of what was referred to as the Drop Culture Collection. We have still yet to see any more supplements come to market from RYSE that are similar to the CEO Pre-Workout, but that may be about to change depending on how much people on Instagram appreciate a concept product that’s been shared.

RYSE has shared the first look at a stimulant-backed pre-workout called Noel Sweat, and the flavor is indeed exactly that: a sweaty Noel Deyzel recipe called Salty Sweat. Furthermore, the product is described as being authentically flavored, a process we can only hope will be a bit more transparent if the entertaining concept becomes a reality. We’re not sure if this is a part of that Drop Culture Collection mentioned several months ago, but Noel Sweat will clearly be another athlete supplement.

The way RYSE and Noel Deyzel’s Noel Sweat pre-workout can go from concept to something fans will actually be able to consume before they hit a workout is on Instagram; the post needs more than 50,000 likes. That is well above the brand’s average number of likes on the platform, although of its last 30, two posts got into the 50,000s, although they were reels, not standalone graphics. Either way, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility, so if you’re like us and want to see this happen, give it a like.