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Prime X’s four variants and million-dollar giveaway are exclusive to the US, Canada, UK and Australia

Where To Buy Prime X

The availability of the recently released Prime X flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink is rather limited compared to the many different countries and markets the brand and its signature sports drink are in around the world. As a quick run down, Prime X is a Strawberry Lemonade flavor of Logan Paul, KSI, and Prime’s hydration and performance-supporting beverage, and it comes with a treasure hunt, where if you find 12 different map pieces under the wrapper, you win all or a share of $1,000,000 in cash.

There are four different versions or looks for Prime X, although underneath the labels and inside the bottles is the same exact Strawberry Lemonade taste experience. There are blue and pink variants, each of them having a holographic alternative, and there are four countries where you can find all of them. The Prime X treasure hunt and giveaway are exclusive to those of you who are in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and as it turns out, those are the only countries in which the Prime X flavor is being sold.

There was the possibility that Prime let everyone experience the all-new taste of Prime X and ship the beverage in its many different labels across the globe, but limited entry to the giveaway to those markets mentioned. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and Prime X is officially distributed to just the US, Canada, UK, and Australia; however, there will undoubtedly be places in countries outside of those four that import it and sell it locally for collectors and diehard fans, so if that includes you, be on the lookout.