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Betancourt basic hit’s, Glutamine Plus valued at $22 for 30 servings

Betancourt's new Glutamine Plus now available at

One of the two new supplements Betancourt previewed back in April, has now been officially released. Glutamine Plus, the more basic formula the brand revealed beside the pump pre-workout Pump’D, has been spotted at it’s first stockist. The place now with the glutamine blend is none other then, who currently have it in stock and ready to ship for $21.98. The Betancourt product has two flavors listed with the previously pictured green apple and it’s fruity companion strawberry kiwi. In total the supplement packs 30 servings per tub, working out to be significantly more than your average glutamine. Leaving you to decide whether or not Betancourt’s Glutamine Plus and it’s additional features, is worth more than twice the price of a regular glutamine.

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