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Beyond Pumped set to be Gifted Nutrition’s third pre-workout supplement

Beyond Pumped set to be Gifted Nutrition's third pre-workout supplement

Following on from our update to Gifted Nutrition’s mass protein formula Growtein, we have details on another Gifted supplement we had previously only heard vague references to. The product is called Beyond Pumped, not to be confused with the brand’s other pre-workout formula Beyond Your Limit Training, or BYLT for short. With Accelerate being Gifted’s mainstream pre-workout, and BYLT being described as a lactic acid neutralizer, Beyond Pumped is going to complete the brand’s collection as a dedicated pump solution. From what’s been released, we know the supplement is going to feature four main ingredients. All four Beyond Pumped highlights are trademarked, going by nicknames not necessarily the name of the actual ingredient. First we have the obvious BetaPower (betaine anhydrous), then ElevATP, which we have seen detailed in Muscletech’s SX-7 Creatine ATP as apple fruit extract supplying adenosine triphosphate. The last two are ModCarb, presumably some kind of carbohydrate source, and lastly Bioenergy Ribose (d-ribose), the most self explanatory one of the four. With each tub of Beyond Pumped weighing in at 480g, not only does that give Gifted plenty of room to play around, but it will likely see the product set the record for biggest pump pre-workout serving. As the brand are just coming off a rather big release from last month bringing out six new supplements, Beyond Pumped isn’t likely to be right around the corner much like the mass protein Growtein.

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