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System 24 competitively launched outside of App Nut’s own store

System 24 competitively launched outside of App Nut's own store

As we near the launch of Applied Nutriceuticals NOvate, a pre-workout that we’ve been waiting on for quite some time, as well as the other upcoming Innovation Series supplement Thermovate. A much more recent product of the brand’s has now started hitting stores, despite originally only being promoted as available direct. The product is App Nut’s Fat Free regular and PM box set titled System 24, a combination of both the brand’s weight loss formulas in full size bottles. The supplement stack was initially released through App Nut’s own store with a price of $39.99, something very few stockists if any could compete with. System 24 is now starting to show up outside of the brand’s website, with Supplement Central currently being the best place stocking the box set at $39.95. When you combine the product with their 5% off purchases over $50, System 24’s value is made even better as well as made more convenient seeing as you can buy other supplements with it. Alternatively there are now competing locations running deals on the duo separately, although like the Fat Free stack the promotions aren’t going to be around forever. Essentially if you’re an App Nut fan or just looking for a solid weight loss set to invest in for summer, check out System 24 or if there are any Fat Free deals at your favorite retailer.