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6 days left in Controlled Lab’s promised Venture Bar launch month

6 days left in Controlled Lab's promised Venture Bar launch month

While they’re not quite as bad as Gear just yet, they are closing in on a Gear like moment. For those that don’t know what we’re talking about in terms of Gear, they’re the brand that missed their website countdown as well as had their clock start going backwards. As entertaining as that was and still is as they near their next deadline midnight March 1st, it seems Controlled Labs could be lining themselves up for something similar. It was last year, not too long after the Olympia that the team unveiled their new spin off brand and its one and only self titled supplement Venture Bar. We only got a sneak peek at the product confirming just the one flavor in coconut almond delight, and a few common highlights such as high protein and fiber. The other minor detail or quite major detail now, was that the Venture Bar was said to be here come February 2015. Being that we are currently in that month we have given Controlled Labs plenty of time to drop an update on the supplement, although we are now down to the last concerning six days of February. While the brand could very well have something planned for this week, things aren’t looking too good for Venture Bar. The strange thing is that Controlled were willing to confirm the product roughly four months ago, however since then haven’t said a thing. For now we are going to have to wait, but will be keeping an eye out to see if the brand come through on their promise.

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