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USA Today back on Driven Sports and concerned about Craze V2

craze v2

Despite there being quite a bit of excitement around Driven Sport’s build up towards their new pre-workout supplement Craze V2, and the reveal of the product’s ingredients which were posted two days ago when it was launched. It seems the same people who were on the brand’s back from a few years ago when all the original Craze drama went down, are still not okay with Driven Sports. On Tuesday, the day before the formula behind the brand’s Craze V2 was released, USA Today posted a piece about the return of the pre-workout being quite controversial. The story mostly goes into detail about the past of the man behind Driven Sports Matt Cahill, even getting some quotes from Pieter Cohen on the topic who was responsible for last year’s scare on DMBA, or more commonly known as AMP citrate. The strange thing is all the talk is before USA Today even got a look at the label of Craze V2, with most of the article coming from reactions to the sequel and as mentioned Matt Cahill’s past. By the time you get to the end of the piece if you’re like us, you’ll really get the sense that USA Today don’t think Driven Sport’s should still be in the business of supplements. Whether you appreciate the time the news outlet took to put together their pre-release story or not, it is a good read and well worth the time especially now that the facts panel for Craze V2 is available.

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