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Dynamik’s muscle-building supplement Warbringer revealed


Kai Greene has kept things rolling for his new brand Dynamik Muscle, revealing yet another one of their upcoming supplements. Following on from the first item to be unveiled the pre-workout Savage Roar, then the second stackable product the pump pre-workout Gamma-Ray, is Warbringer. As much as we expected the new brand to enter all the trending categories, just like Gamma-Ray, Warbringer goes against that with Dynamik’s third formula being a muscle-builder.

While Warbringer doesn’t see Kai Greene and Dynamik Muscle enter any of the more traditional categories for newcomers, it does see the brand stick with their plan of keeping things simple. Much like Savage Roar and Gamma-Ray, Warbringer is packed with a handful of common ingredients featuring a total of six. The ingredients you will most likely be familiar with are fenugreek and ashwagandha, which have both been dosed at half a gram each, with tribulus and DIM also in the mix at 600mg and 250mg.

The last two features in Warbringer are Bioperine black pepper at 10mg, and 1.5g of the most uncommon ingredient in the transparent supplement, bryonia laciniosa. All together Warbringer’s muscle-building combination promises a number of effects including muscle growth or as Dynamik Muscle puts it “hulking gains”, increased libido, and mood enhancement.

Dynamik Muscle’s Warbringer is expected to be released alongside the rest of the brand’s line, which is due to arrive later this month. With Dynamik’s third product now confirmed there is just one left to be revealed, with details on what ever that turns out to be likely coming in the next day or so.

Dynamik Muscle Warbringer


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