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Top 5 Brands Of 2015: MTS with a well deserved 3rd


In at number three on our list of top 5 brands of 2015, following on from MAN Sports in 4th and Inspired Nutraceuticals in 5th, is Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition. There is basically no arguing that MTS did extremely well last year, filling holes in its consistently growing line up as well as introducing supplements that you may not have seen coming. On top of all that brand continued to give back to fans with a whole bunch of new flavors as well as massive sales through the home of MTS Nutrition, Tiger Fitness.

2015 was kicked off for MTS with the tease then release of Machine Whey’s 9th flavor, Creamy Red Velvet Cake. While the recipe was already quite rare the brand took things even further by actually throwing real cake bits into the product. It wasn’t too long after that MTS added yet another flavor to a previously released supplement, making it three for the pre-workout Clash with Apple Mango.

With a strong start to the year MTS kept things going in mid February with its first entirely new product for 2015. The item unveiled was Machine Motion, which was also the brand’s first supplement for its Dr. Stu Series. Despite being launched a lot later than expected, Machine Motion did turn out to be a very packed out joint support formula promising to be more than worth its rather high $40 price tag.

epic gains

Almost immediately after Machine Motion was originally unveiled, MTS released its 10th flavor for its 2014 Protein Wars winner Machine Whey. The follow up to Creamy Red Velvet Cake was Key Lime Pie, which did only come a month after Red Velvet. The brand continued its assault on early 2015 in February, by announcing its entry into the mass protein market. Fans were introduced to the somewhat unique mass gainer officially titled Epic Gains, which two weeks later was launched at Tiger Fitness.

Moving into March and April things did kind of slow down, however we were still treated to a couple of new supplements. In March the flavored (Australian) version of the MTS fat burner Drop Factor made its way into the US, with April bringing the unveiling of the pump powder MTS Vasky. The product was a simple combination of four different ingredients, with its biggest selling points being that it’s conveniently unflavored and would cost less than $20.

MTS did in deed follow through on its Vasky price promise launching the supplement a month after unveiling it, for exactly one cent less at $19.99. The most impressive thing about the launch wasn’t that the brand followed through on its promise, but that Vasky actually sold out in an incredible 13 minutes. We should also mention that in the month that we were all waiting for the MTS pump pre-workout, the brand kept the new products coming releasing a capsule version of Machine Greens.

mts vasky

As we moved into the middle of the year MTS picked its game back up, revealing and releasing a long list of supplements. It all started with the individual ingredient formula Yohimbine HCl, which was followed by the liquid L-Carnitine, a second flavor for the testosterone booster Barracuda in Mango, and another Machine Whey with the cinnamon recipe Cinnagram. At the time we kind of expected MTS to slow back down again, however in August the opposite pretty much went down.

In the month before the Olympia MTS basically introduced two big products, the carbohydrate formula with a difference Machine Carb 10, and the isolate protein Machine ISO. Surprisingly the two weren’t all the brand had in store as it also made it 12 flavors and two sizes for Machine Whey with Pumpkin Pie and a 2lb option, as well as two flavors for Epic Gains with Cookies & Cream.

While the brand did definitely cool down for a bit, it was only for about a month. In September MTS got going again doubling its Clash menu with three new flavors Fruit Punch and Blue Razz, and Tropical Fruit. Soon after that the brand started teasing what later proved to be a major release, drip feeding details of the stimulant pre-workout Ruckus. The colorfully promoted supplement was eventually launched a month later in October with a Vasky like price of $25.


In the final two months of 2015, despite there being very little time left MTS did manage to squeeze in two entirely new products and three flavors. Fans were introduced to the previously promised basic Creapure, and the cortisol and estrogen control formula MTS Tyrant. As for the three flavors the BCAA supplement Machine Fuel got Snow Cone, and Machine Whey had its 13th and 14th flavors named with American Apple Pie and the Australian exclusive, Tim Tam inspired Triple Chocolate Biscuit.

More surprises no doubt in store for 2016

As you can see MTS Nutrition had one helluva a year. The brand launched enough new flavors to make you lose count, as well as plenty of new products both basic and unique. Fans of MTS will also have noticed they were given a chance almost every month to save on the brand’s line, as Tiger Fitness had a lot of sales, most of which if not all included MTS. Going into 2016 we can’t even begin to imagine what the brand has coming, although if last year is anything to by you can look forward to more flavors and most likely a few surprises.

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