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Olympus Labs BloodShreds now available for pre-order for as low as $19


As promised, just two days after unveiling BloodShred Raw Edition and a day after BloodShred War Edition, Olympus Labs has put together pre-order promotions for both of its flavored fat burners. Like with all of the brand’s new release supplements, the two BloodShreds have been introduced at incredibly low prices. The pre-order opportunities are also actually a part of Olympus Labs’ Olympia weekend sale, so BloodShred Raw and/or War Edition may not be all fans end up walking away with.

We’ll start with the brand’s overall sale for the Olympia weekend, which is 50% off everything at That discount also works on the two Olympus Labs BloodShreds, taking their already strong prices to an even lower $24.99 for BloodShred Raw Edition, and $19.99 for the yohimbine free BloodShred War Edition. As mentioned the brand’s new flavored fat burners are only available for pre-order, although they’re not expected to be too far away with shipping due to take place before the end of the month.

To secure yourself either or both of Olympus Labs’ new BloodShreds, or to get in on the brand’s 50% off everything sale. Simply visit and use the coupon code “OLYMPIA50” at checkout before September 20th, which is when the promotion ends.

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