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Elim1nate is also getting updated and will include a new ingredient


A couple of weeks ago Olympus Labs previewed four supplements it has coming soon. That included the pre-workout I Am Suprem3 in its Black Magic Edition, a new version of its fat burner Ignit3, a closer look at Superior Protein, and the Black Magic Edition of the new BloodShr3d.

Today, Olympus Labs has shared a preview of another upcoming product with an updated version of its estrogen management formula, Elim1nate. Alongside the image the brand has released, it has also confirmed that the new Elim1nate will not feature androsta 3,5-diene-7,17-dione, better known as arimistane.

Olympus Labs has said that its reformulated Elim1nate will include a new and legal, healthy estrogen managing ingredient that’s backed by in-vivo animal data. Unlike the original, the updated supplement will also feature a total of two ingredients to make it even more effective.

The new version of Elim1nate means that when you count all of its alternate editions, Olympus Labs now has a total of eight new products coming soon. The brand is expected to launch all of the supplements sometime soon, and there is apparently even more items yet to be revealed.