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News Of The Week: MAN reveals its interest in the energy drink market

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This past week has mostly been about massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but we’ve still been giving plenty of excitement. The supplement industry has dropped a number of interesting teasers, a lot of which are all about the growing RTD and energy drink market.

Teaser image surfaces of some sort of beverage from Xtend

The brand behind the popular amino formula Xtend Original has shared a teaser image of some sort of can beverage. We’re not entirely sure what kind of drink the product is going to be, but we suspect it will continue the brand’s theme of having 7g of BCAAs.

xtend drink

Total War RTD features everything the powder does except BioPerine

Redcon1 has revealed everything you need to know about its upcoming on-the-go RTD version of the pre-workout Total War. The supplement will feature all of the ingredients and doses you get in the original powder except for the absorption enhancer BioPerine black pepper.

MAN Sports previews a Sour Batch flavored BrainBridge energy drink

MAN Sports has confirmed its interest in taking on the energy drink market with a drinkable version of its focus formula Brain Bridge. The brand hasn’t mentioned anything about what kind of ingredients will be in the product, only that it’ll be Sour Batch flavored.

brain bridge drink

Muscletech CreaBuild packs a full dose CinDura plus creatine and betaine

Muscletech has completely unveiled three entirely new supplements this week for its GNC exclusive Black Onyx Series. The list includes the EAA formula Amino Max EAA, the pump pre-workout Shatter Pumped8, and the CinDura infused creatine supplement CreaBuild.

Top rated Overtraining Solution gets 28% more cost-effective

A new size of one of our favorite recovery products came to our attention this week. The top-rated supplement is Overtraining Solution from the Ambrosia Collective, which you can now purchase in a much larger and more cost-effective 100 serving tub size.

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