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Three more innovative Olympus Labs products coming in the next 60 days

olympus labs

Over the past couple of months, Olympus Labs has been incredibly busy, launching a whole bunch of entirely new supplements. Some of the new items from those months include updated versions of the muscle builders K1ngs Blood and Elim1nate, as well as the delicious cereal flavored Superior Protein.

As busy as Olympus Labs has been, it turns out the brand has no plans to slow things down any time soon. This week, Olympus has announced that in the next 60 days it intends on launching another three supplements that are all said to be quite significant.

The few things we know about the three upcoming Olympus Labs products are that they are all powder formulas, have delicious flavors, and belong to popular, mainstream categories. In true Olympus style, the supplements are also said to be very innovative and feature industry-first ingredients.

As mentioned, all three Olympus Labs products are due to be available within the next 60 days, with one of those three arriving before the end of the year. Basically, it sounds like the brand is going to keep the excitement going so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for continued updates.

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