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Purge plans on releasing its first capsule formula alongside Therm-X

Quickly following the complete unveiling of its upcoming stimulant free weight loss supplement, Therm-X, Purge Sports has teased yet another new product it has coming down the pipeline. This time around we actually think we have a pretty good guess at what the mystery supplement might be.

The details we know for sure about the next Purge Sports product is that it is a capsule formula featuring five premium, patented ingredients. Those ingredients are Forslean coleus, Infinergy dicaffeine malate, TeaCrine, the absorption enhancer BioPerine black pepper, and Octopalean branded octopamine.

Based on all of that information, we’re guessing that the mystery Purge Sports supplement is a capsule version of its stimulant fat burner Ript-X. The main reason we think that is because all five of those ingredients are in the original flavored Ript-X, although octopamine isn’t the branded Octopalean.

We suspect we’ll be seeing the complete unveiling of Purge Sports’ other upcoming product very soon as it is due to release alongside Therm-X sometime next month.

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