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RYSE drops its Blackout Pump Capsules powered by a familiar formula

ryse blackout pump capsules

The lifestyle brand RYSE has released the fourth supplement for its more advanced, pre-workout focused line of products, the Blackout Series. The collection originally became available in June of last year with a stimulant powered pre-workout as well as a stimulant-free offering, which were joined by a stimulant fueled ready-to-drink pre-workout, earlier this year.

RYSE has now introduced Blackout Series Pump Capsules, a relatively simple stimulant-free capsule formula, created to enhance pumps. It brings together a gram of vitamin c, 12mcg of vitamin d, precisely 900mg of glycerol, and a gram of premium NO3-T betaine nitrate. If that combination seems at all familiar, that’s because there is a supplement with essentially the same formula.

ryse blackout pump capsules

The product you’ll recognize that set of ingredients from is EVL’s PumpMode capsules, introduced two years ago in August of 2018. That also features a gram of vitamin c, 12mcg of vitamin d, 900mg of glycerol, and a gram of betaine nitrate. The key difference is that Blackout Pump Capsules has 30 servings per bottle, whereas EVL’s PumpMode capsules has 20, although they differ in price.

EVL’s PumpMode capsules carry a regular price of $22.99 at, whereas RYSE’s Blackout Pump Capsules are $34.99 through its website. They actually work out to about the same value as the cost is 50% more with RYSE, and you get 50% more servings.