Myprotein’s nut butter selection welcomes on-the-go pouches of peanut butter

May 19th, 2021
myprotein peanut butter pouch

Myprotein has been in the news many times over the past few days, thanks to the launch of its special edition Shimmer Series, the Crispy Layered Protein Bar, and a whole bunch of functional beverages. It turns out the international brand is far from done, with today bringing another development from Myprotein that’s in the same sort of area as the protein bar and beverages.

Now available from Myprotein over on its international website are on-the-go peanut butter pouches. The brand has always had a great selection of nut butter, with its latest effort putting that into squeezable packets to have when you’re out and about. The grab-and-go option has quite a bit of peanut butter per pouch at 225g, which is about half of what you’d get in a traditional 16oz jar.

Myprotein’s more convenient and easier-to-serve peanut butter comes in your typical smooth and crunchy options, and it is priced very reasonably at £2.99 (4.24 USD) through the brand’s main online store.