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Soft, sweet and delicious Holiday Crisp comes to the Barebells Protein Bar in the US

Barebells Holiday Crisp

Barebells’ selection of products in the US is not as extensive as you get in its home country of Sweden, although it is certainly growing and catching up. The functional brand has expanded the original handful of flavors it had for the number one rated Barebells Protein Bar to seven, and earlier this year, it also brought its plant-based protein snack to America.

That Barebells Protein Bar menu has once again been expanded, with this month bringing the special edition flavor the brand debuted last year as its limited-time, seasonal Holiday flavor. That product was the Holiday Puffs Barebells Protein Bar, which we found to be one of the brand’s best flavors in some time, and it proved so popular it is now an ongoing option called Creamy Crisp.

Barebells in the US appears to have brought that flavor stateside just in time for the holiday season, and while it does feature the same branding and colors as Creamy Crisp, it’s titled something different. Barbells US Creamy Crisp is branded in black and light blue and goes by Holiday Crisp, sort of like a blend of the flavor’s original and current names.

As mentioned, the Creamy Crisp Barebells Protein Bar in Sweden is absolutely delicious, combining a light and milky main body with crispy puff pieces and deliciously sweet caramel. Everything suggests the Holiday Crisp now available in the US at GNC is that same flavor with 20g of protein and a lean 200 calories, so definitely make sure you pick it up.

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