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RAZE brings over REPP’s Turkesterone+ to its growing sports nutrition selection

Raze Turkesterone

Over the past few months, RAZE has been following through on its promise of building out a comprehensive selection of sports nutrition supplements. It revealed some of those products would be entirely new releases like the muscle builders Mass Caps and Hard Caps, and some would be rebranded versions of the many supplements already available from its sister company REPP Sports.

To close out the month of June, RAZE has brought over another one of the original REPP Sports products to its growing sports nutrition catalog with Turkesterone+. As far as we know, RAZE’s iteration of Turkesterone+ features all of the same ingredients as it had under REPP, with 650mg of ajuga turkestanica standardized to 10% turkesterone, 100mg of ashwagandha, and 5mg of black pepper.

RAZE has yet to update its online store at to reflect the new packaging of RAZE Turkesterone+, although you can see what it looks like with the rebranding in the image above.