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RAZE continues its focus on muscle building supplements in Hard Caps

Raze Hard Caps

As RAZE has been building out its catalog of sports nutrition supplements, you may have noticed a lot of them have been for the area of muscle building, including Mass Caps, LX3, and Ecdysterone. We have seen a few other items for different categories in RAZE Heat and Broken Arrow, but it’s definitely been a strong focus on muscle building, and that is going to continue in the next new RAZE product.

The brand behind the popular RAZE Energy drink has passed on a preview of Hard Caps, a muscle hardening and muscle-building supplement bringing together seven ingredients to deliver results. The product combines ashwagandha, DIM, smilax, chrysin, yohimbine for fat loss support, black pepper to improve absorption, and like Mass Caps, the increasingly popular muscle builder, turkesterone.

We don’t know the dosages of any of those seven ingredients yet, although we suspect they’ll be pretty respectable based on the amounts RAZE has packed into those other muscle builders, Mass Caps, LX3, and Ecdysterone. The brand is looking to drop Hard Caps within the next three to four weeks through its online store, and if its other launches are anything to go by, it’ll debut with some sort of deal.