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Visit the Stack3d Expo and save a strong 25% on everything from Animal

Animal At The 22 Stack3d Expo

Animal doesn’t often do deals or discounts through its official online store at, or at least from what we’ve seen following the hardcore legacy brand through the years. That is, however, precisely what it has going on at this week’s Stack3d Supplement Expo at, as Animal is taking part, featuring all of its latest products and, again, offering a strong discount.

The brand known for its original multivitamin pack, Animal Pak, has released several supplements this year, including the men’s hormone formula Animal TNT+, the balanced pre-workout Animal Primal, and the two creatine products, Animal Creatine Chews and Animal Creatine XL. You can learn all about those supplements at the brand’s booth in the East Hall of the Stack3d Supplement Expo.

On Animal’s Stack3d Expo page, you’ll also find an exclusive coupon code to get 25% off everything in its online store. That is indeed a worthwhile offer; bringing the likes of Animal Creatine XL down under $30 from $37.95 to $28.46; four-packs of Animal Beef Biltong from $31.75 to $23.81 or $5.95 each; and the typically high Animal TNT+ at $68.95, down to a much nicer $51.72.