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G Fuel keeps the pressure on releasing a Lemon Italian Ice flavor of Energy Formula

Lemon Italian Ice G Fuel

Gaming specialist G Fuel has been incredibly busy this past week or two, and by that, we mean busier than usual, as the brand is a regular feature here at Stack3d, showing up almost once a week with some sort of flavor, collaboration, or a completely new product. Two weeks ago, we posted about a candy-inspired Gummy Sharks flavor of its signature supplement Energy Formula, and since then, we’ve also seen a unique Mudercorn flavor of Energy Formula, a Neopets collaboration, and a G Fuel protein snack.

As mentioned, G Fuel is back in action today, with news of yet another flavor extension for its flagship gaming product, Energy Formula, and it is a standard option, not a collaboration with Lemon Italian Ice. The flavor is, of course, a citrusy experience based on the sweet treat of the same name, but as an energy and focus-enhancing supplement. You can pick up the product straight from at $35.99, or if you get in before midday today, you’ll get it at a buy one get one deal, working out to $18 each.

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