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Barebells gets more attention than anyone else with its delicious new protein bars

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A weekly feature we’re going to be rolling here at Stack3d is a round-up of the most read stories posted on the website, which you can see consistently changing as they move up and down the rankings directly on the Top Posts page. It’s a great way to shine a light on some of the most attention-grabbing products and features we’ve had the honor of sharing, and here we’ve got those that topped the list from today through to the same day last week, and there are some surprises and intriguing inclusions.

Naughty Boy being well on its way to its goal of releasing 100 different SKUs this year is a big statement, and deservedly got a lot of attention, and the standout new supplements for the week that drew eyeballs were Nutrabolics Supernova Legacy and Infinis Nutrition’s Nootropic. The above list is in order, meaning the most read post from the last seven days is indeed Barebells’ new flavor innovations, now available in Sweden, with Sunny Strawberry for its flagship bar and a Lemon Cheesecake Soft Protein Bar.

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