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Functional drinks stole the show last week and we’re not talking about energy drinks

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We’re back with another round-up of last week with our Best Of The Week segment, sharing the specific posts that trumped our continuously counting and ever-evolving Top Stories page, which shows you the most read posts shared on Stack3d from the last seven days or 168 hours. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the hottest headlines from our always-moving newsfeed, and last week, it was all about beverages, with several drinks getting all the attention and none of them were caffeinated.

Details on Prime’s newest and most intricate flavor release was the biggest story, where we got confirmation of the taste inside Prime X and its four different label designs. As mentioned, beverages dominated the headlines and readership last week, with Lionel Messi’s upcoming Más, Jocko’s Hydrate Drink, and Starbucks’ protein-infused coffee drink also grabbing attention, as well as the eye-catching Matrix-inspired flavor series from the always nicely marketed and presented, AfterDark.

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