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Prime confirms its Kevin Durant edition is its long-running Ice Pop flavor on the inside

Flavor Of Kevin Durant Prime Hydration Drink

The special edition bottle and flavor collaborations from Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage behemoth Prime have become rather relentless recently, not quite on the level of gaming giant G Fuel and its pace of collaborations, but it is getting up there. The most recent partnership from the brand is with basketballer Kevin Durant in a reskin featuring a color combination of navy blue and red, and it highlights his Olympics success ahead of his upcoming appearance in Paris, reading, “3X Olympic Gold Medalist and counting…”

There are most definitely some diehard Prime collectors out there who hunt down every special edition bottle, and there are some unbelievably rare products and high prices involved, as we saw with the Fortnite exclusive variants fetching $162,899 on eBay. Some of the alternatively-branded collaborations Prime brings to market don’t offer completely new tastes, although that wasn’t the case with a few over in the UK in Erling Haaland’s Strawberry Lemonade and Arsenal’s mixed berry experience, Goalberry.

If you’re wondering what you get inside Kevin Durant’s bottle of Prime Hydration Drink, whether you’re a collector or a fan who likes to try every taste it puts out, there is a good chance you’ve had this one before. Just like Aaron Judge’s variants of the beverage, Kevin Durant’s blue and red Prime is a reskin of an already available flavor in Ice Pop, one of the brand’s longest-running flavors for the Prime Hydration Drink, promising the same mix of tastes as the classic Bomb Pop in cherry, lime and blue raspberry.