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Brand Of The Year #4: MTS Nutrition has its best year ever

Machine Whey

In 2017 there were just a handful of supplement companies that not only stayed relevant throughout the year but also had a lot of excitement behind all of their new releases. One of those few brands is Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition, who is in at number four on our list of top five brands of 2017.

Teacrine Drop Factor

Marc Lobliner kicked off his stellar year for MTS Nutrition right from January with the launch of his reformulated fat burner Drop Factor. The supplement had the increasingly popular, energy enhancer TeaCrine added to its formula at a heavy dose of 62.5mg per serving.

Despite the changes to Drop Factor, it managed to maintain its $37 price point which kind of set the tone for 2017. We say that because throughout the year that is what we saw from MTS Nutrition, a lot of new and improved formulas.

Peak Physicor

Peak Physicor

Following the early relaunch of Drop Factor, MTS Nutrition dropped an entirely new product that got a lot of people talking. That release turned out to be Peak Physicor, a heavily researched recomposition and strength supplement featuring the PeakO2 performance blend of PhysiCor fenugreek.

MTS Clash 2.0

Not too long after the excitement of Peak Physicor in March, MTS Nutrition then gave us what would be its biggest launch of the year. The brand simply took its already powerful pre-workout MTS Clash and improved it by adding and increasing a handful of ingredients for longer lasting energy as well as better performance and pumps.

MTS Clash

The result was a renewed and very competitive MTS Clash that from what we saw, impressed a lot of people. Surprisingly MTS Nutrition also did the same with its pre-workout as it did with the updated Drop Factor. Despite only really adding to MTS Clash, the brand kept its price point exactly the same at $37 for 20 servings.

5 more in 4 months

In the months after the unleashing of the new and improved MTS Clash, the brand kept the pressure on. Between May and August fans of MTS Nutrition got five more releases with the entirely new products Sleep Aid, the GDA Nutrient Driver, and Aqua Shed for water loss, as well as the flavors, Green Apple Clash, Espresso Machine Whey, and an actual flavor for Peak Physicor.

Ruckus and Machine Fuel

Moving into September of 2017 Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition got back to reformulating with the launch of a new version of the stimulant pre-workout Ruckus. Just a couple of months later the brand came back with another updated supplement, re-releasing its amino competitor Machine Fuel with added coconut water.

Machine Fuel

Finish with a bang

While it may sound like MTS Nutrition had already done all it could in 2017, between September and December the brand gave fans even more excitement. On top of its two reformulations mentioned above, in the second half of the year the brand also dropped the grass-fed protein All-Natural Isolate, the stimulant free fat burner Machine Lean, the hydration formula Naturalyte, and the apparently very delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Machine Whey.


As you can see, Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition had an incredibly full on year. In terms of consistency and excitement, there was never really a dull moment for the brand, as it seemed to keep things coming at a nice and easy pace throughout 2017. For us, it was definitely the best year we’d ever seen from the brand and it certainly makes us look forward to 2018.