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News Of The Week: True rocky road protein bar and more Cellucor Candy Shoppe

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We’re back again for another Friday News Of The Week post, where we collect our biggest stories of the week and present them in a convenient summary form. It gives you the chance to catch up on anything major you might have missed or even just recap on all the action.

Cellucor launches two more Candy Shoppe flavors for C4

Cellucor has launched two all-new flavors for its pre-workouts C4 Original and C4 Ripped. The new additions are actually quite unique as they’re a part of the brand’s Candy Shoppe Collection and are candy inspired flavors.

vega protein crisps

Plant-based Vega launches its on-the-go Protein Crisps in two flavors

The plant-based supplement company Vega, has introduced a new kind of protein snack for its plant-based fans. The product is Vega Protein Crisps, a chip like protein snack that provides 15g of plant protein per bag for a light total of 200 calories.

New Performix Protein Wafer switches to one big wafer per pack

Performix has relaunched its wafer style protein bar as a single stick snack, unlike the original which was split up into two sticks per pack. Its nutrition profile is pretty much the same as the first version, although it does also now come in an entirely new flavor.

mountain joes protein rocky road

Introducing Mountain Joe’s true rocky road style protein bar

The all-new UK company Mountain Joe’s has launched the first-ever rocky road style protein bar we’ve ever seen. It features a true, traditional rocky road like build with a solid chocolate body filled with crispy pieces, raisins, cherries, marshmallows, and peanuts.

Kill Cliff unveils its naturally flavored and sugar-free Ignite energy drink

The sports drink company Kill Cliff has introduced its all-new Ignite energy drink. It features a reliable energy boosting formula with 150mg of natural caffeine, along with electrolytes for improved hydration, no sugar, and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

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