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Sparta Nutrition tweaks its Keto Series and launches Keto Boost

sparta nutrition keto boost

Earlier this week we got a preview of Sparta Nutrition’s all-new rebrand, which is only the beginning of a number of developments the company has coming down the pipeline. Also on that list of changes for Sparta is a revamp for its still relatively new, five supplement Keto Series.

It was at the start of this year that Sparta Nutrition officially launched its Keto Series made up of Keto Shred, Cogni Keto, Keto Pre-Extreme, Keto Coffee, and Keto BCAA. Now, just over half way through the year the brand has taken all five of those products and made a few changes to their formulas as well as added an entirely new supplement to the Keto Series.

sparta nutrition keto series

The changes Sparta Nutrition has made to its Keto Series vary from product to product, with their primary purposes remaining the same. The one significant change that’s consistent across all of the original Keto Series supplements is that they no longer use regular BHB ketones, the brand has instead switched to the branded goBHB ketones.

Sparta Nutrition’s individual product changes are as follows. Keto Pre Extreme has dropped the Spectra ORAC blend, and swapped TeaCrine for Dynamine. Keto Shred has all of the same features, same with Keto Coffee, and Keto BCAA has been simplified down to a mix of BCAAs and goBHB ketones. Lastly, you have Cogni Keto with slightly more caffeine at 75mg per serving and no more rhodiola.

sparta nutrition keto series

As for the new addition to Sparta Nutrition Keto Series, it is called Keto Boost. The supplement is a bit like Keto BCAA and Keto Coffee in that it’s quite a straightforward formula with just 8g of goBHB ketones per serving. It gives you the ability to simply add in BHB ketones by themselves, wherever you like.

You can find all of Sparta Nutrition’s refreshed Keto Series products already in stock and available for purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe. They’re all quite fairly priced with Keto Shred and Cogni Keto at $49.99 per tub, Keto BCAA and Keto Pre Extreme at $34.99, the new Keto Boost at $29.99, and Keto Coffee at $24.99.