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7 exciting supplement companies to keep an eye on in 2019

supplement brands to watch in 2019

This past year we’ve seen a lot of new and exciting supplement companies enter the market, as well as a lot of already established brands further their reputations. As we near the new year, we figured now would be a great time to go over a few supplement companies both new and old, that we feel will be worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Purge Sports

Purge Sports is easily one of the most impressive new brands to enter the supplement industry this year, with all three of its products featuring remarkable formulas. We get the feeling that Purge Sports will continue to build out its lineup next year, in fact, the brand has already confirmed two new releases for next month, immediately making it a brand we’ll be paying attention to.


The Stack3d Certified brand Nutrabio has landed on our list of 8 brands to watch in 2019, purely because of its most recent announcement. Last week the brand revealed that it will be launching one new product or flavor every week for six months, starting sometime in January. That is more than enough to convince us that Nutrabio is one to watch.

own pwr


In 2018 we saw a number of Amazon brands pop up with some relatively comprehensive lines of supplement. Out of all of those brands, the sports nutrition line OWN PWR stood out the most for us. The brand has actually expanded quite a bit since launching in August, which is something we suspect OWN PWR will continue doing in 2019.

Olympus Labs

While we didn’t hear much from Olympus Labs in the first half of the year, the brand came on like a storm in the second half. It has launched a massive amount of new supplements over the past few months, including the delicious, muscle building Superior Protein. We have to imagine Olympus Labs is going to hold on to its momentum and carry it over into 2019 and hopefully keep the excitement, innovation, and new releases coming.


Chemix is the upcoming supplement company from the informative Bryan Mosko better known as the Guerilla Chemist. Mosko’s brand may not have been released just yet, although the reason we’re saying it’s one to watch is because of what the Guerilla Chemist is known for. Mosko is a great formulator and as mentioned, he’s a very informative influencer which is why we can’t help but be excited for the launch of his own line.

black magic supply

Black Magic

Black Magic is a brand that only just recently hit the market but has made an impressive amount of noise. It started things out with four supplements and has since grown to a total of six, with number seven already being teased as a coffee type formula. Based on the speed Black Magic is currently expanding, we wouldn’t be surprised if it manages to maintain its impressive momentum into 2019.

Performax Labs

Performax Labs recently announced that it is releasing a new and improved version of its powerful stimulant pre-workout named HyperMax Extreme. It is because of that Performax lands on our list of brands to watch next year, even more so seeing as the promising supplement is due to drop in the first month of 2019, which will set up Performax for a great year.

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