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Electrolytes+ is getting a stick pack alternative with all of the same ingredients and dosages

Axe And Sledge Electrolytes Stick Packs

When Axe and Sledge Supplements recently released their dedicated hydration product Electrolytes+, it did so in a traditional tub of bulk powder, giving you the usual 30 servings. While that is the way most sports nutrition brands package their supplements when it comes to hydration, an equally common option is single-serving stick packs, as seen from the likes of Ghost, Xtend, Tonificare, and Ambrosia.

Eight months on from the launch of Electrolytes+, Axe and Sledge Supplements is doing exactly that, releasing a stick-pack version of its hydration product powered by six specific electrolytes. As you’d expect, the formula in the sticks will be exactly the same as the original bulk tub, so you can expect all of the same benefits and effects, and it’s launching in the same two flavors with Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Lime.

Axe and Sledge Supplements’ Electrolytes+ stick packs are going live in its online store later tonight, with 24 sticks a box, although it won’t be as cost-effective per serving as the tub, as is the case with most convenient stick pack alternatives.