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PeptiStrong-powered Pepti-Plex strongly discounted for its debut in bottles, bulk packs and stacks

Sns Introductory Discounts On Pepti Plex

Serious Nutrition Solutions recently added another muscle-building supplement to its arsenal by way of Pepti-Plex, based around the A.I. discovered PeptiStrong, which is not a widely used ingredient at the moment. There are only a few brands that have put the innovative component into a product, but there are plenty of reasons why more should follow suit with PeptiStrong’s impressive list of benefits, including increased muscle growth, recovery, performance, and muscle retention.

Glaxon and Core Nutritionals are some of the other reputable sports nutrition competitors with PeptiStrong in their lineups by way of Anomaly and the recently revamped Core Bolic. We’ve got Serious Nutrition Solutions and Pepti-Plex in the spotlight today as there is a deal going down on the brand’s website, where if you’re curious about finding out firsthand how effective it is, you can use a coupon code for an extra 20% off all supplements and multi-item stacks that involve Pepti-Plex.

A single 30-serving or month’s supply bottle of Serious Nutrition Solutions’ Pepti-Plex is at $47.99, down from $59.99, with three, four, six, and 12 bulk packs also available, the year’s supply discounting the cost to just $39.99. There is also a three-piece muscle-building stack of Pepti-Plex, Anabolic XT, and the powerhouse Phosphatidic XT at $127.99. They all save you a lot of money for great results, especially since Pepti-Plex has more than PeptiStrong, and the coupon you need is “PEPTIPLEX20”.