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Gold Standard gets the RTD treatment, a first for Optimum Nutrition

Aug 30, 2011 | General

Optimum Nutrition are not to forward on the RTD market. In fact their sub brand ABB usually takes care for every need in that department. Seems they feel that the Gold Standard protein formula is at the point where it deserves a RTD form. No info as of yet, this picture alone was hard pressed to get a hold of. Not the regular red and modernist feel Optimum sport on their powdered tubs. But stand out enough for a shelf. It already states on the carton 20g protein along with the carbs and fat. The real question from here is are they going to offer up the same flavour variety they have become known for as the 5lbs. As that is 20+ depending on your time of year.

Get a Pure Fuel hit from Twin Labs new energy drink

Aug 29, 2011 | Twinlab

Twin Lab are a bit of a low end company. Haven’t changed their image over the last few years still hitting the classic effect you could say. Although as much as it is a surprise their new product is an energy drink in a can the brand have put some colour onto the product. This is a true supplement energy drink as well. Not cheating in some sugars or fats. This is a pure energy hit. Caffeine, taurine, ginseng etc. This also may prove for it to be not that great. In true cheap fashion they also cut some corners with no actual flavour for the thing.

Missing Link: Animal Pak could sure do with a protein powder and it would need to be one awesome scoop

Aug 28, 2011 | General

This will be a recurring segment on ours for now. Maybe an estimate or maybe a suggestion. Animal Pak are a solid brand but one thing they are missing in this market is a protein powder. Now have heard that their stand is that you should get your protein intake from food. Coming from a solid brand like Animal that is some serious advice. However their parent brand Universal have a large range of protein powders. So the source and motivation is there. How would they go about it? Well if it is image they are wanting a MESO-Tech by Muscletech rip should do fine. Letting them still use paks for their cans. Also for the hint side. This is the first time that Animal have gone into powders so branding consistency has gone with the cans for all their products. I am sure it is currently in production or up on the Animal idea board. If they do choose I would sure love to see a protein that offers up pure carbs (no sugar) and a scoop dose of 40 – 50g protein.


V30+ from SNI, exactly that. Support for men aged 30 years and over

Aug 28, 2011 | General

The up and comers are almost always impossible to get the down low from. The suppliers are few to none and will have zero info from there as well. From what I know labelling is as far as SNI have gone in the marketing game. No big advertising as of yet but the brand will be hitting Australasia very soon. The hardcore series label

Something new over the horizon, VPX Redline Ultra Hardcore Super Series?

Aug 26, 2011 | General

From what is going out at the moment. VPX look to be renewing their Redline… Line. The Redline V2 seems to be going under the knife along with the ultra hardcore version. Appearing on websites as being cleared. The black and blue series looks to be going into the history books. I can recall these products being quite new. But with VPX they seem to be unleashing new products almost every month. The weight loss collection sported heavy amounts and ranges of Yohimbine the regular face of fat fighting. So get excited about their new supp, if that is whats coming.

Represent Met-RX while you workout

Aug 26, 2011 | MET-Rx

Fan of the powerlifting supporters? By this I mean Met-RX. Long standing supplement brand. A fever that seems to be sweeping across the market place is just more and more clothing options. If the bodies and results did not rep a brand enough already. Like all others Met-RX got a nice line of clothing for to workout in. Supporting (advertising) the brand while you train.


Attention Australasia, the dumbed down Neurocore is on its way… Yay

Aug 26, 2011 | General

Good news for the Australasian market of supplements. Got a heads up on the Muscletech Neurocore international version. It seems that the deanol (DMAE) content has been removed to help sell across the world. Whether or not it is going to be any good without it. Time will tell. For all those who are now excited about getting a go on it. Do not read the hype from across the seas as said, DMAE has been or will be removed for the Australian and Kiwi junkies.

Hydroxystim gets a release, check out GNC for the exclusives and pray for repeat quality of Neurocore

Aug 25, 2011 | Muscletech

Hydroxystim unleashed. The supp giant Muscletech release their second fashion stating product weeks after Neurocore. Now judging on their killer Neurocore formula if this follows any shape or form then it is going to be a hit with value, quality and results. I would not question the ingredients however the label is rocking three of the same titles as Neurocore. Geranium, caffeine and DMAE. The usual extra Yohimbine stil brings it’s game. The bottle is up on the always US favoured GNC. Muscletech always give these guys the exclusives with a trial bottle of 18, 10 more caps on the 100 to a complete 110 and a big 200 capsule bottle. Heres waiting for the review.

Out with the old in with the new, get your cheap N.O. Xplode

Aug 24, 2011 | BSN

As expected BSN have been trading in the new products in their stacks including this recently updated, lean stack. This would be a good time for anyone to check out online stores for BSN’s N.O. Xplode original. Or even that died out NT version. As the 2.0 era is coming in all the older ones will be hitting clearance. Similar to anyone who was fast to the button on SuperPump 250s worldwide. It is just the SuperPump MAX left on the scene now.

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