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Top 5 supplement brands of 2011, the best of the best from Stack3d

Jan 8, 2012 | Animal

Best of the best. Based on their performance and constant effort throughout the supplement industry. All the way up to 2011. Some may be surprised to not see a few on the list. This is just top 5. There are a lot out there that have been left out. These top 5 deserve these positions. By top brands we mean impressive, trusting. You can trust to buy products from these 5. Quality, price, results, availability and just all round greatness. The main thing that has been counted here is improvement. Taking the next step and going further. Here you go.


Watch your fat melt away with C-Bolic, Better Body Sports may be stretching on this one

Jan 7, 2012 | General

You know those supplements that you see. Read the back, look at the ingredients. Screams buy buy buy. You see nothing wrong with it and if all goes well you could end up being the muscle talk between all your mates. Well Better Body Sports. Have an entire range based on this. Not popular brand. Their supps are mainly singular based.

Missing Link: Darkside of supplements releasing Animal Sex?

Jan 7, 2012 | General

Here it is again. In case you do not follow to often. Missing Link is Stack3d’s little guess or in some cases a helping hand on a supplement that should be. If you can see the image above you no doubt agree. Animal Sex. Animal Love was thrown around but this is Animal Pak here. If the supplement were a galaxy far far away then Animal Pak would be the Sith. The kings of every category they make a supp for. The one they dominate more than others. Test boosting. M-Stak, Stak and the overkill Animal Test. 2011 saw the entries of their first powder and Animal PM both insanely good supplements as expected. Animal Sex, the name says it all. GAT who are also well represented in the test department. Unleashed their heavenly bedtime beast Fornatab. Not many companies do enter into this shadowy corner. Animal would be the titan amoung giants to show just how bad ass they truly are.


The smartest shake in the world just got smarter, team up with Smartshake

Jan 7, 2012 |

Exclusives are one thing. Dedicated product is another. have teamed up with the smartest shaker brand in the world, SmartShake. Now they have their very own branded SmartShake. Though the price on these is pretty high the mark up from the underground is quite disgusting. How bad is that? Makes Muscletech look like angels. Shakers are quite complex to make though…

Trend in the green arena may collide with multi vitamins, step up on Ultimate by SAN and Green Supreme Fusion

Jan 7, 2012 | General

SAN, inventors of products such as Dr. Feelgood and Tight! Have jumped aboard the green supplements. Seen earlier in 2011. Ultimate made run and quite a solid one at that. They are not a new category for the world. When a big company does it however the attention is something that the little guy could not have achieved. Nicely titled Green Supreme Fusion. No corners were cut. Price and ingredients are very similar to the making of a multi vitamin. Ingredients label can be packed and the price tag the opposite. Seems that the hippy supplement arena might be getting heated. With about 6 complexes, life extension, phyto nutrient, vital greens, organic, comprehensive and a probiotic blend. This is surely a step up from Ultimates attempt. Looks like a combination of multis and greens will be coming. Probiotic taking a face here. An entire vitamin arena combined with extracts of fruit and veges. Animal Pak could sure use an upgrade.

Warm welcome to another high end protein powder, Cytosport’s Monster Milk is pretty much a 3 in 1 supplement

Jan 7, 2012 | Cytosport

Reformulated for the big year 2012. The dark side brand of Cytosport nicely named Monster. Has got a protein powder to fit right at home for the muscle build enthusiast. First of all do not be put off by the 24 serves the 4lb+ tub offers up. That is thanks to the 50g protein which totals up from 2 scoops. Price? Well if you are after price then hit the normal Muscle Milk, Monster is for the ones after that little bit more punch. The high end brands will not sell you short, if the price is high usually it is because they have put enough in to justify the price. Cyto slaps BCAA’s, vitamins and aminos all over this. The closet one to compare this to would be Nitro-Tech believe it or not. Which as very fitting for it’s price. Monster Milk may be a margin higher but it has a few stand outs that Nitro does not. Creatine, beta alanine and something not many even bother with, dietary fibre. You can look at the monster range and think there is not much there to stack. Take one look at Monster Milk’s label and you will soon realize they have combined someone’s regular 3 way stack. The world welcomes another high end protein.


Kill off the old bring in the new, Muscletech supplements that should be getting the axe

Jan 5, 2012 | Muscletech

For the Mtech fans and judging by facebook there is going to be a million soon. You must be noticing the abundance of supps they are collecting. It seems a clean is due. They will from time to time drop a supp. Haters, complaints but probably because of sales. To name almost all of the ones that should be killed off. Hexatest, T booster. Sadly one of the weakest ones out today. MyoShock HSP. Been around for a while but age old product. Pre-workout/pump pills are coming in concentrate now. Amino FX and Amino Prototype. Really sad attempts at capturing the amino market. Something they surely need to replace, Intravol and last but not least. Unique, individual but pretty useless, pre-workout protein. All might go on sale soon so look out should be a good score. The main thing Muscletech did on these is the concentrate series. All of the ones above have solid, high quality and powerful supplements in their new series. Nanostim for pump, Neurocore for pre-workout, Myobuild for Intra/Post workout and Alphatest for T. Bring on 2012 see what the giant has for the world.

Love handles? Blubber butt? Man boobs? Moore Skinny adds another tick to the brand

Jan 5, 2012 | General

After the last look we gave Moore Muscle. Moore Sleep. Just overwhelmed. So got around to doing another product look sooner then expected. Out of the 5 few got a glimpse. But one just stood out like a sore thumb. The supplements all seem to have a similar size of ingredients. Moore Skinny, all we can say is holy shit. Try to keep the language okay here but just wow. About 5 extracts like most will do, for this, juniper and spirulina are the familiar faces. Chitosan is another feature. Building up here, carnitine and caffeine the usual suspects. It even has cranberry juice. Wait for it… DHEA. Damn. Bold move, extremely bold move. To some a steroid, others a pro-hormone bla bla bla. For the uneducated, why if DHEA is a juice is it able to be sold over the counter. Well compared to the ugly relatives of steroids. DHEA is ideal for older audiences. 50yrs+ customers have said to get skin tightening, revitalized moods and energy as if their aged was halved. Would this be ideal for a under 30? Not really, but T boosters are not meant for peeps under 20… Effects really would increase with the age. 30+ will get a huge kick out of it. The DHEA has been mixed in with fat burning buddies too so you will not need to count on it solely. Just, shit, holy shit. Thumbs up Moore Muscle. You want big you got to bring something different to the table. Moore Muscle.

How about a game day stack Muscle Pharm? The mystery of the Energel

Jan 5, 2012 | MusclePharm

While Muscle Pharm are ramping up the brand. More and more products. With the huge MMA Elite on the way now. Little odd how this guy has been left behind. We all got a glimpse a while ago on their website. Energy driven pretty much the younger pre-workout edition of the protein powdered Muscle Gel. Caffeine aminos etc. Here is hoping that this may spark a trilogy. Purely rumours and words right now. MP the athlete’s brand would be a sure shot at providing athletes a stack. Race day. Pre-workout, post-workout. For those not so sprint, the intra workout. More sugar then the post. Who knows. The phrase from MP is, 2012 is going to be a game changer for Muscle Pharm. Look out BSN and Gaspari. Green is mean this year.

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