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Brand Of The Year #3: Olympus Labs continues to dominate

Olympus Labs

Over the years there have been very few brands that are consistently in the running to make our list of top five brands of the year. In at number three today is one of those consistent brands, Olympus Labs, who also placed third on our top five list of 2016.

As far as 2017 went for Olympus Labs, the brand truly knocked it out of the park. There were just a couple of other companies that were consistently making headlines throughout the year as well as Olympus. It dropped new supplement after new supplement, with one of those being the most anticipated releases of the year.


The year all started off in late January to early February for Olympus Labs when it put a number of its major products on clearance. It also dropped its relatively unique hybrid GDA and weight loss supplement Assassinate, being the brand’s first launch of the year.


Re1gn release

It was a few months after Assassinate that Olympus Labs really got things going with a long-running hype campaign. The hype eventually built up to the release of the powerful pre-workout Re1gn, which is the product we were referring to above as the most anticipated release of the year.

The supplement certainly came through on the hype, proving to be one of the most effective pre-workouts launched in 2017. It combines a strong surge of energy and focus with impressive pump benefits, hence why it still maintains a spot on our list of top ten pre-workouts.

Endur3 and more

Following the exciting release of Re1gn, it was pretty much non-stop for Olympus Labs for the rest of the year. The reputable brand then dropped a new version of its amino formula Endur3, upgrading it into a loaded recovery product with a hefty 16g serving size.


From Endur3, Olympus Labs then moved on to tackling the muscle building and sleep categories, finishing the year with the introduction of Massacr3, Ep1logue, and Amens1a. All three kept with the brand’s formula style, featuring either a unique or solid combination of ingredients.

Incredible year

Like all of the names on our top five brands of 2017, Olympus Labs won us over by consistently launching exciting, effective, and well put together supplements. You could almost guarantee that every time the brand had details to share for a new product, it got the attention of a lot of our readers.

As we move into 2018 it certainly doesn’t look like things are going to quiet down for Olympus Labs. With talks of a protein bar, focus infused energy drink, protein powder, and more; the brand is set to have another great year where it will likely make our list of top five brands of 2018.

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