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Redcon1 puts the popular blend of fadogia, ashwagandha and longjack in its latest muscle builder

Redcon1 Flash Bang

Redcon1’s all-new muscle builder Flash Bang has hit to close out the week, and as we mentioned when the supplement was previewed, this is a pretty significant drop by the two-time Brand Of The Year, as it is its first completely new product in almost two years. The big question was what has Redcon1 put into Flash Bang as it does already have quite a few competitors in the muscle-building category, like War Zone, MOAB, and Boom Stick, and this does sit nicely alongside all of those with its own individual formula.

Redcon1 Flash Bang has taken a page out of Gorilla Mind’s book and the many others that have combined fadogia, ashwagandha, and longjack. Gorilla Mind blends those three in Sigma, HTLT does it in 3-Test, Muscle Addiction in Test Fix, EAS in Testosterone MD, and there are probably a few others that don’t immediately come to mind. Those three testosterone boosting and muscle building components have indeed been brought together for Flash Bang, and they’re at some robust and effective dosages in a four capsule serving.

Redcon1 Flash Bang Label

In traditional facts panel style, from heaviest to lights, Redcon1 Flash Bang comes with a hefty 1.2g of FadogiaPure branded fadogia, and 600mg of ashwagandha from a combination of the heavily studied KSM-66 and the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals developed AshwaPure ashwagandha. Tongkat ali is in the supplement as well, or longjack, at 400mg as TK100 tongkat, also from Hi-Tech, and lastly, there is 50mg of zinc per serving from two sources in zinc citrate and the significantly better absorbed OptiZinc zinc mono-l-methionine.

You can purchase Flash Bang straight from Redcon1’s online store over at alongside the brand’s many other similarly minded supplements including 11 Bravo, War Zone, and Halo, all of which can be stacked with Flash Bang for even greater results. Redcon1 has priced its fadogia, ashwagandha, and longjack formula the same as all of those other muscle building products at $64.99 before any discount or ongoing coupon code, and that’ll get you a full-size bottle of 30 servings to supply you for a typical month.