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Top 5 Brands Of 2014: Myokem, the brand that can do no wrong in at #1

Top 5 Brands Of 2014: Myokem, the brand that can do no wrong in at #1

Very few times we’ve done our top five list of brands for 2014, and fans have been able to almost unanimously guess the number one spot correctly. After MAN Sports came in at 5th, Chaos and Pain 4th, the man himself Jim Stoppani and his Jym range of supplements at 3rd, and the very young Muscle Elements sliding in 2nd. It is of course Myokem that comes in as our top brand of 2014 with a performance that all companies should look up to. The year was filled with promotions, giveaways and new products, all at a pace that’s only likely to get faster as we move forward. While to some it may not be necessary, but for everyone else today we’ve got the short and sweet story of Myokem’s big year, explaining why they’re the only ones who deserved our number one spot.

Over the years there have been very few occasions when writing the annual top five list of brands that we haven’t needed to go back and check if we’ve missed anything. There are always companies that do big things, some a lot more than others, but the memorable moves do stay with us. That being said there will be the odd development, story or update that wasn’t as exciting or might have been forgotten. In the case of Myokem, everything they did you would’ve been hard pressed to miss, let alone forget. The brand’s 2014 was filled with so many interesting things there wasn’t a month or almost a week that went by without a bit of excitement from Myokem.

For us it all started back when we got that first tub of Nitramine, much like it would’ve started for most Myokem fans. We had the supplement for a number of weeks, however coming from a relatively new brand we didn’t focus too much attention on it or exactly rush to start using it. That all changed when one afternoon we decided to throw back Nitramine’s maximum serving, realizing about 15 minutes later that Myokem were the real deal. As a testament to just how good Nitramine is, following our review of the product it landed a place on our top five list of pre-workouts, something Nitramine still maintains to this day.

It wasn’t too long after we got a taste of Myokem that the brand confirmed their second supplement, the fat burning follow up to Nitramine, Pyroxamine. The big catch with this product was that as well as helping fans lose weight with its many fat burning features, Myokem basically replicated the energy blend from their hit pre-workout. Despite the doses being cut in half for each Pyroxamine capsule compared to a single scoop of Nitramine. The balance of ingredients was identical, almost guaranteeing that if you liked the brand’s pre-workout performance you’d enjoy the weight loss formula. The supplement eventually launched in the middle of May, giving us a chance to grab the product and see if Myokem could go two for two. As it turned out in the pursuit of perfection, the brand decided to alter Pyroxamine a little, at just three weeks old adding 25mg more caffeine. It was the second version that we got in for review, which did indeed see Myokem go two for two with Pyroxamine being yet another hit. Following in the footsteps of Nitramine, the fat burner also landed itself a place on our top supplement rankings, a position that once again like Nitramine, it maintains to this day.

Somewhere in between all the hard work and focus being put in at Myokem, the brand made a minor change to their packaging. If you were one of Myokem’s earlier fans you will remember their rather thick original labels, that despite making the products look that much more attractive also lowered the readability of information printed on them. To keep everyone happy and make each supplement’s details a lot easier to read, the brand switched to a more common label thickness. The update still managed to make their line stand out above the rest by introducing an all over shine, adding as much style as you could to a two color theme. Originally it was just Pyroxamine that got the prettier label, however soon after it was also handed down to Nitramine as well as Myokem’s two upcoming muscle builders.

It was in June that we got our first look at those muscle builders, the stacklable duo Magnitropin and Alphadex. Over the next couple of months Myokem teased the two in a way that is now known as traditional Myokem style, dropping the smallest amounts of information at a rate that was just quick enough to keep you interested. Moving into July the brand finally gave us a look at the facts panels of the anabolic formula Magntiropin and anti-estrogen Alphadex, and started hyping their insider launch of the two. By the time the products arrived they were already the talk of the town, with Myokem’s insider offer giving everyone the chance to pick up one of the two, both, or both in combination with Nitramine and/or Pyroxamine. To ensure everyone got a chance to grab their latest, as the brand neared the end of their promotions they both extended and opened them up to the general public.

Of the two Myokem muscle builders we decided to set aside some time for Magnitropin, which surprise surprise, proved once again that Myokem was a brand you can trust. Our review of the anabolic formula landed the supplement on our top five list of muscle building products, doing a little more than take Myokem’s success streak up to three. At the time of the placing Myokem became the first ever brand to have three top supplements all in different categories. While we never got around to getting our Alphadex review online you could probably guess how it went. In as few words as possible, it is the perfect partner for Magnitropin and will have no trouble amplifying your results. We’re not going to count it in their score, but either way officially or unofficially Myokem have proven to us, they can really do no wrong.

Since the release of the brand’s muscle building products, it was relatively quiet up until early November when details started coming in of a new supplement. In the last two months of the year information was drip fed about the formula, with details still slowly coming in to this day. The last thing we heard on the topic of the new Myokem product was that it is expected to arrive as early as this month, next at the latest. We are still short on a name and contents, but do know that it is going to be a flavored amino supplement, which should be more than enough to scare those competing in the category.

There’s something to be said about a brand that just does things right, over and over again. Myokem weren’t a one hit wonder, with their success rate still standing at 100% for multiple products. They weren’t purely a promotional brand, only giving away enough to keep fans happy. And lastly, Myokem is anything but an empty promise maker, launching incredible inside offers as hyped, keeping fans in the loop on all their developments, and even looking to the future announcing that they will be transparently dosing their supplements moving forward. Compared to others on our top five list or even those that didn’t make the cut, it may seem like Myokem didn’t do much. The saying however “it’s not about quantity it’s about quality” fits perfectly on this occasion, as one good product will get you noticed. Two may put you on the map, but three or four (counting Alphadex) will get you more than just recognition, especially when that three or four makes up your entire range.

As we slip into 2015 if you’re like us, you have to be expecting even bigger things from Myokem over the next 12 months. Their proven track record puts the odds in favor of the brand for really anything they launch over the next year. You could probably count the brands on two hands that turn heads when ever they release something, which is likely to be the case for Myokem from here on out. In 2014 they earned the right to be known as a threat in any category, meaning its just a matter of time before fans of the brand don’t need supplements from anyone else. While Myokem don’t yet cover all the major areas, the ones that they are in are greatly impacted by their extremely competitive entries. It only really took them a year to get recognized for the intense pre-workout Nitramine, and make a massive stand in the world of weight loss and muscle building with Pyroxamine, Magnitropin and Alphadex. The big question now of course is what will Myokem be able to do with another year starting out as the best brand of 2014, and the reputation of only being able to produce supplements that work incredibly well.

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