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Top 5 Brands Of 2014: Chaos and Pain dedicated to bringing you the best of the best

Top 5 Brands Of 2014: Chaos and Pain dedicated to giving you the best of the best

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far a brand have come, especially when they’ve done so much in such a short amount of time. This is definitely the case for the company in at number four here today for our 2014 top five list of brands. For those that weren’t there in the beginning, Chaos and Pain did only arrive late in 2013, launching with just two supplements the pre-workout Cannibal Ferox and the fat burner Cannibal Inferno. Since they’ve arrived Chaos and Pain have done nothing but move forward at an incredible pace, releasing product after product, update after update, all while keeping their fans happy with apparel, content and giveaways. The brand may be one of the younger names out there, but they have done more than enough to earn a place on our list for 2014.

We could say the year started off for Chaos and Pain in February, however it never really slowed down for them since they released their second wave of products in late 2013. Riding off the excitement of Cannibal Swole and Cannibal Genius from the year before, the brand maintained their fans interest at the start of 2014 by confirming the coming of an update to a recent supplement in the remaining days of January. Despite Cannibal Swole only being a month or so old, Chaos and Pain already had their sights set on delivering an even better pump pre-workout. While it was in the first few weeks of the year that the brand confirmed what would later be known as Cannibal Permaswole. We never actually saw the sequel formula until a few months after, which in that period time Chaos and Pain managed to edit and improve another current product.

Cannibal Genius was the one the brand made a few changes to, a supplement we reviewed around the time it received the extra attention and found to be one of the most impressive stimulant free formulas we’d ever come across. The product was put to the test over a number of weeks, eventually earning the nickname the mind accelerator. Due to its impressive ability of being able to increase the speed in which you think, put things together and come up with ideas, it was a nickname the supplement deserved more than earned. We don’t quite have a top five or ten list of focus formulas, although if we did Cannibal Genius would be right at the top.

Moving on from the first few months of the year into April, Chaos and Pain continued to impress and improve confirming the coming of three new products alongside Permaswole. The three formulas saw the brand enter a familiar category with the stimulant free fat burner Cannibal Claw, an entirely new one with the testosterone booster Cannibal Alpha, and basically create a category with the artist intended Cannibal Da Vinci. After the many teasers and posts Chaos and Pain finally launched the three in combination with Permaswole in late May, almost doubling their total amount of supplements in about six months. As quickly as the third wave of products from the brand came and went, before we knew it they had already started talking about two more innovations.

A month later in June news spread about a little more than just two upcoming products. Chaos and Pain confirmed that their next duo would be a part of an alternatively branded line called the Olympus Series. The supplements Helios and Mercury ended up seeing the brand go in a very different direction to what we were used to, Helios designed for joint support and Mercury an endurance enhanced amino. In true Chaos and Pain fashion the brand kept fans informed right up until the arrival of the Olympus products, which landed just a month after they were unveiled and detailed. If you were like us at the time and thought the brand had already done a lot in 2014, seeing wave two released, followed by two updates, then three new formulas and a two part series. You may have been surprised to hear that Chaos and Pain had more in the tank, but at the same time had seen enough to know it’s not like them to stop.

In July the brand said that major changes were coming to one of their two original supplements, the hardcore pre-workout formula Cannibal Ferox. A month later not only did they reveal the facts panel for Ferox 2.0, but on launch Chaos and Pain gave a detailed description explaining why each edit was made. While some brands take years to modernize or even think about updating a product, the effort put into both Ferox 2.0 and the brand’s earlier 2014 release Permaswole, really showed how much Chaos and Pain were and still are set on only selling the best. Changing a supplement to make it better only months after launch is unheard of, let alone changing two supplements both within a year since launch.

As we began to near the end of the year in September, it had been quite quiet for Chaos and Pain from August to late the following month. It turned out the brand were once again hard at work putting together the first product for yet another new series. Aggro was confirmed as Chaos and Pain’s coordination and focus hyperdrive formula, still the one and only supplement in the brand’s Pwnd Gamerz Series. To further show just how dedicated to their fans they were, Chaos and Pain took suggestions on flavors for Aggro as well as names for each recipe deciding on bloodied ogre (cherry limeade), pink mist (strawberry), hulk juice (green apple) and massacred seafruit (watermelon). Around this time we finally got our hands on the brand’s pump pre-workout Cannibal Permaswole for review, giving us our second taste of Chaos for the year and seeing once again how incredibly well put together the specialty Cannibal formulas are.

Before we touched in December, following our Permaswole review and detailing of Chaos and Pain’s Pwnd Gamerz product, we were all treated to a bit of an up and a bit of a down. This was the time were AMP citrate got a whole lot of bad press, encouraging a lot of manufacturers to stop carrying the stimulant and a lot of brands to discontinue or reformulate their supplements with the ingredient. Due to the drama Chaos and Pain moved on from Ferox 2.0 to 3.0 almost instantly, a formula they said they were already working on. As for the good news, details came in of a sleep aid the brand were cooking up called Cannibal Coma. Only in the weeks just been did we finally get confirmation of Coma along with its full list of ingredients, putting Chaos and Pain once again in a prime position to maintain their momentum from this year and continue to grow right through 2015.

Compared to a lot of other brands Chaos and Pain may not have seemed like they did much. The key however isn’t exactly about how much they did or how quickly they did it. It was more about what they did and the pace at which it was done. There was never really a dull moment for Chaos and Pain fans in 2014, with a total of six new products released, one unveiled and four updated. Throughout all the effort the brand also managed to maintain their loyalty to their followers doing insider launches, specials, apparel releases, carrying on their 100% transparency rule, and continuing to produce high end items that are effective, creative and one of a kind. Fans aren’t just going into the New Year with smiles on their faces thanks to what Chaos and Pain have done over the last 12 months. But because they know they’ve found a brand they can trust, that always delivers, and will continue to bring them the best formulas they can.

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